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Sunday, April 26, 2009

odd home dream

Last night I had a dream that freaked me out. Didn't know why I had it. It was too freaky to have when sober. Seemed to be one of those drams I would have when I'm meds or high or drunk or something. Here it goes.

I'm in my room lying down on my bed trying to sleep. It seems like I'm actually awake since it seems so vivid. Then my chest feels like its falling down and I take a huge breath to bring it back up. I'm OK, I think. I get up to get some water. I go by my television set to get the glass of water that's sitting there. As soon as I put it back on the table, I look over and see a bunch of people coming into my room playing with the walls. They tell me that they're looking for a trapped door. They don't find it. They leave while I wonder what else is going on in my house. I step into the hallway to notice painters painting my hallway and washroom bright blue and pink. Mixed together. It looks nice. They tell me that my Mom knows that they're doing this and it's alright for them to be painting at this time of night. Still confused, I head downstairs to notice people moving furniture in my house. Again, they say my Mom has given them the OK. I head back upstairs wondering what's going on, but think that I don't want to loose any sleep over this and will call my Mom tomorrow. I go back to my room and to my bed.

I wake up.