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Sunday, April 26, 2009

no drinking in the bar room

This was the first weekend in almost a year where I didn't drink. It went well. Tough, but well. Coke and Sprite. That was it. No Red Bull like last time. No secret shots of alcohol in the back. Just straight pop. I don't know if I'll go for another 97 days. I think It'll be one of those every other weekend type of deals. When I feel like I need to cool down and detox. I got home earlier than usual since I didn't stay until last call and was able to catch the bus. Night bus' are so slow. I would've thought they would be faster because no one is getting on, hence less stops. I thought wrong. Felt odd walking home at 12.30 sober. I felt a bit scared, actually. Missing my liquid courage. Last night I went to bed at 1am and woke up at Noon. No hangover. No smelly drinking breath. No memory loss. It was perfect. Funny, when I drink and should be sleeping in, I wake up early and when I don't drink I sleep in.

I forgot how much I liked to notice people's slow progression of intoxication. It's funny how you can basically pinpoint the second when they are gone with no turning back. Funny to think that I might act like that. Funny to think that people might be doing the same thing to me. Things that make you entertained sober at a bar on a Saturday night, I guess.

I made Burgers when I got home last night. Too good. A bit of olive oil, lemon juice, BBQ seasoning and basil made up a great burger with tomato sauce and a touch of pepper. The burgers actually tasted like an old burger joint I used to go to all the time in North York where my Dad set up his office. Brought back memories of how they would have extra oily onion rings and I would love eating them until my chest hurt. They used to also have self brewed root beer that I used to get all the time. That was a cozy place. Too bad they're not around anymore.