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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

canadian music and healthy eating...

I was just cooking an earth day meal. Spelt pasta with organic meat, cucumbers, onions, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. Haven't tasted it yet as I'm waiting for my Mother to get home from work to dive in. I have some yogurt for after, too. Sounds good for a day when we should remember that we should always eat healthy. Not only on Mother Nature's Day. Its not only good for the earth but it's good for us, too. For someone who likes his beer, smokes, deep fried foods and late night burger joints, I think I also eat pretty healthy when I want to. But those are the operative words. Want To. I should really start eating like this more often. Be veggie like. I know I can't but I can come close to it. I've been raised in a family where I was brought up liking meats way too much. Curry Chicken, Garlic Pork, Turkey on Thanksgiving. Nachos and Fries and Burgers during the Superbowl. But as we get older, we calm all that down. My Dad has stopped, but I haven't. Well, I have cut down too but I'm way too addicted. The grease. The high cholesterol substances that play hockey in my stomach with the onion rings I had just inhaled.

I think I can only go five days tops without something bad for me in my system. Not including beer. Not including fast food.

When I'm at home, I would make a wonderful healthy dinner then treat myself to something fatty for after. Or visa versa. I would have something really bad for me for dinner and then snack on fruit and veggies for the rest of the night.

At least I have balance, which I like.

While cooking my meal, I was listening to some satellite radio station on Star Choice (or is it Shaw Choice now?). Heard some good tracks. All from Canadian artists. The first one I heard was already posted on here. It was Ivana's Your Girl Tonight. The second was also posted on here. K-OS' 4-3-2-1. The third was a track I haven't heard yet even though it's the oldest track of the three and I dug it. It was Kardi's Numba 1 (Tide Is High). I realized with these three giants in Canadian music, along with others who are working on their own material (I see You CR and D-Sisive ) and some other projects coming out very soon, Canadian music is probably in the middle of its best year in a while. Well, maybe in the urban community. But it's having a great 2009.

It feels good when you know that Toronto has finally arrived.

Earth Day should remind you to live healthy all year around. Mentally and Physically. It should remind you to support homegrown talent. It should remind you to support grassroot movements. It should remind you to Be Green.