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Thursday, March 19, 2009

the dream that made me want to quit smoking

I've been living through the one of the worst throat infections/flu's I've ever had. Monday to Wednesday the flu turned into a throat infection. Yesterday, went to the doctors and he gave me some medication. Today the throat infection turned back into the flu with a headache. Because of the medication I was given and maybe because I've been sleeping odd hours, I've been having some weird dreams lately. More than usual. I think the dream last night I had made me want to quit smoking. Again. But this time It's for sure. I promise you.

The dream went this way. I'm on a cruise ship. Really nice pads. I'm walking around with a pop in my hand and munching down on a hot dog. I'm in the restaurant part of the boat. People walking around, talking to random vacationers, taking in the sights, just enjoying myself. I reach for a cigarette. I put it in my mouth to light but the smoke suddenly gets vacuumed down my throat. I try to cough it back up but it's too late. It's down and only to stay until it's time to come back out again. I don't think anything of it and continue to enjoy myself. This whole swallowing my smoke tradition continues throughout the whole dream until I scare myself awake and realize that I'm scared now to ever put a smoke in my mouth again.

I don't know if it'll work but I know It's got me scared for now.

Oh by the way. This is the definition of dreaming about smoking. "Often this relates to attitudes or habits, or the drug itself, that you use to deal with anxiety. It can indicate that something other than your conscious decision is controlling you."