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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

bang the party doc..

As a former concert promoter as my own and as part of a huge concert promotions company, I learned how important a flyer is to the success of a show. I've done shows where there wasn't a flyer at all and the show crashed. I've been to shows where there was a huge flyer campaign and it was a bomb. And everything in between. It's been a few years since I handed one out, but this Toronto made documentary about the flyer scene really brought me back to the days of staying up till the morning outside of a club and handing out a flyer that could be the beginnings of a eventful story to be told by a like-minded music fan. The physical flyer is being taken over by the digital age, however, I do think that grassroot type of street promotion will always be needed. As I've said before, society have been trained to believe more with what they can grab onto. Feel. Smell. Read. This documentary called Bang the Party will take you down both roads to the jam.

Here's part one of the documentary. Check out the rest of doc here.

Bang The Party Pt 1 - Awesome video clips here