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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ted and sophia..

She's standing by the front steps of her old home that saw a couple of generations grow up and leave the homely nest. A car pulls into the driveway. She can tell the engine is tired from the long trek down the I90. It's home for a rest.

"You guys look, Great!" Sophia exclaims with a huge smile on her face.

Her family is here. They haven't seen each other in a few years.

Ted walks up to the doorway to greet Sophia. "Hello". He says, while the two hug like they've never had before and look at each others graceful growing process of age.

"Wow, you really look good for your age, Ted". Sophia says while whipping off some blowing snow from his face.

"Thanks" Ted responds while it's obvious he's thinking the same. "Let's head inside and catch up. I'm starved. The kids are, too."

Sophia helps the eldest, Todd with the baggage and then rushes into the kitchen to prepare the table with the food she spent all morning to prepare. She created a whole new dish from leftover turkey from last weekend that she put in the freezer. Sophia was always the best chef. Part of the reason why Ted fell in love with her many years ago.

High school sweethearts, the two were the ones voted in the high school yearbook to be destined to be together forever. They promised each other they'll always be friends. Especially after the divorce.

The divorce came a few years ago when Ted got too busy at work and realized that he would rather be married to his work than Sophia. "People drift apart" She always says when people find it unbelievable that the two parted ways. "We didn't part ways", always hints Ted. "We just started to love other things".

After dinner, Todd and his brother and sister all head outside to play in the old fort they built on their last visit home. Meanwhile, Ted and Sophia sit by the porch and talk about new times, old times. Work. Favorite TV shows. Going ons in the town. Just really, enjoying each other's company. Sipping some tea and munching down on biscuits, they both look at the park across the street.

"Remember that time, Ted?" Asks Sophia.

"Of course, I do. That's where we first kissed." Ted says with a smile.

"Amazing how we were able to get this house so cheap and right across the street from a personal landmark of ours" Sophia states with a hint of sadness in her voice.

"Sure. That's where we built our lives. In that park. Wonder if our bench is still there. Is it?" Wonders Ted.

"Not too sure" replies Sophia. "Haven't been there in years. It's not that it hurts...Just busy, I guess. Never get a chance". She remarks.

"Well, let's go. We have the chance, now". Ted says while grabbing his teenage love by the hand and starting to run across the suburban street like they did in Grade 10.

"But the Kids..." exclaimed Sophia.

"Forget the kids" Ted chuckles while heading down the same hill where they had their first cigarette and first bottle of Whiskey.

The old couple are heading down a little path full of ice traps, dead leaves and snow tunnels made by neighborhood kids while they look for their innocence once again.

The pair were walking for a bit when they found the spot where The Bench was. But not anymore. They realize they put a washrooms in its place. The pair both start to sing Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi at the same time while looking at what the suits built in the same spot where a whole couples life was created.

"We're such nerds", Sophia laughs at Ted thinking the bench would still be there after all these years. Thinking that they can re-kindle something that was blown out so many years ago. Mentally.

The two look at each other grin, and start to play wrestle a bit throwing snow at each other. They both fall. As they get up, they both brush each other off and then give each other a huge hug.

"Goodtimes", smiles Ted.

"Always", Sophia, remarks.

"Let's head back to the house. Let's scare the kids". Ted says with an evil grin.