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Monday, October 20, 2008

humble howard returns to tv..

My pal Humble Howard is returning to TV. Here's the press release.

We live in volatile times. It is important that we find humour and solace in the human condition. And there is no better way to do that than to watch grown men act like idiots.

Who doesn’t love watching that?

RedFish Entertainment and Fingerprint Communications are proud to present an idea that’s time has come. ManUp Canada is now in production and will be on MenTV in January 2009.

Host Humble Howard Glassman says that ManUp Canada will answer the age old question; "Can a man sculpt a block of lard with a hacksaw? And more importantly, why would he want to?"

As a radio, television and stage veteran, Humble Howard has seen it all and adds that ManUp Canada is “the show that will have people running to their local big box store to buy super high definition TV's just so they can watch men smack each other with pool noodles while jousting in shopping carts.”

RedFish founding partner, executive producer and director of ManUp Canada, Mike Wixson says; “We’re going to test guys’ mental and physical limitations right in front of a national television audience. This is going to be sweet!”

ManUp Canada is more than a game show. It is a test of endurance, brain cells and the ability to step up to the challenge. Pitting three contestants against each other, this half-hour show will push men’s limits.

Humble Howard adds “ManUp Canada is more than a game show; it's an examination of man’s ability to make a total idiot of himself for prizes.”

Kneale Mann, RedFish partner and executive producer says “This gives us the chance to fully integrate our clients into the creative process and be a part of the show. Plus the plunger wall is gonna be hilarious!”

Producer Tim Juvet reminds us that these stunts should not be tried at home. Rather, he says; “Call us and perhaps become a contestant on the show!” Juvet, a drama student and director of more serious projects jumped at the chance to produce ManUp Canada because “I get to be the guy who starts the pier pressure and taunting”. The only other information he is sharing at this point is that contestants will need to sign a waiver. Enough said.

The final word goes to host Humble Howard; “ManUp Canada is the show this country's been waiting for because watching men try to change a tire while being pelted with paint balls is the type of thing that will finally turn this economy around.”

Production begins now. Look for ManUp Canada on MenTV in January 2009.