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Monday, October 20, 2008

alan cross returns to radio

Alan Cross' new music discovery resource for music fans. Here's the official scoop.

TORONTO, Oct. 20 /CNW/ - Corus Radio premieres ExploreMusic, an on-air
and online music discovery service with noted musicologist Alan Cross on its
network of new rock stations across Canada today. Featuring the latest music
news and opinion, interviews with established and emerging artists,
behind-the-scenes information, technology and a host of other music-related
topics, ExploreMusic begins service as a daily half hour radio show and online

Offering a resource for context, recommendation and music exploration,
Cross, Canada's pre-eminent new rock expert and longtime host of The Ongoing
History of New Music, brings his music knowledge and industry expertise to his
new role as Senior Program Director at Splice Interactive Media, Corus Radio's
interactive arm, and host of ExploreMusic.

"While there are a lot of online music services that provide a selection
of music crafted to various tastes, ExploreMusic is different in that it's run
by real people with real passion for music, not a pre-determined algorithm,"
said Cross. "Actual human beings - the musical friends that make up the
ExploreMusic team - help fans navigate through the nearly infinite amount of
available music in a welcoming, evolutionary and celebratory way."

An in-house initiative stemming from Splice Interactive Media,
ExploreMusic's goal is to create a convenient starting point for musical
discovery - an on-air and online destination that helps listeners discover new
music and music that's new to them. Showcasing features such as Five Songs You
Gotta Hear Today, The List (featuring two Top 17 lists - one with
recommendations from the ExploreMusic team, the other from listeners), Music
News and the Music Geek Blog, to name a few, both the radio show and website
offer one stop listening, discovering and sharing.

"These are exciting times for music fans. Technology and the Internet
have greatly expanded the musical choices available to everyone, but it's all
a bit overwhelming," said David Huszar, General Manager, Splice Interactive
Media. "Alan is a friend of mine and over the years he has turned me on to
some pretty cool new music I'd otherwise never have heard because I can't
spend all day searching online. We thought this was the right time to extend
this service to the million or so music fans across Canada who regularly turn
to Alan for his vast knowledge of the music that matters to them."

ExploreMusic premieres on Monday, October 20 as a daily broadcast on
Corus Radio's network of new rock stations and as an online destination at
ExploreMusic.com. ExploreMusic can be heard weekdays at 7 p.m. from Monday to
Thursday and at 8 p.m. (ET) on Sunday on 102.1 the Edge (Toronto), and Monday
to Friday on Y108 (Hamilton) at 1 p.m. (ET), FM96 (London) at 6:30 p.m. (ET),
Power 97 (Winnipeg) at 6:30 p.m. (MT) and 99.3 The FOX (Vancouver) at 8:30
p.m. (PT).

ExploreMusic, ExploreMusic.com, 102.1 the Edge, Y108, FM96, Power 97 and
99.3 The FOX are owned by Corus Entertainment Inc., a Canadian-based media and
entertainment company. Corus is a market leader in specialty television and
radio with additional assets in pay television, advertising and digital audio
services, television broadcasting, children's book publishing and children's
animation. The company's multimedia entertainment brands include YTV,
Treehouse, W Network, Movie Central, Nelvana, Kids Can Press and radio
stations including CKNW, CKOI and Q107. Corus creates engaging branded
entertainment experiences for its audiences across multiple platforms. A
publicly traded company, Corus is listed on the Toronto (CJR.B) and New York
(CJR) exchanges. Experience Corus on the web at www.corusent.com.