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Saturday, September 27, 2008

wish i was there..

Sometimes I wish I was a bit older so I would've been able to celebrate or well, just witness some moments in history. Some huge, like listening to Martin Luther King speak or small little things like being there in that park where Hip Hop was born. Last week I checked out Ryan Somers blog where he posted some nostalgic links for the Toronto Hip Hop scene. I wish I was there. First he shared a link to audio of a legendary freestyle session at the old Live At The BBQ show from 1991. Everyone was there hitting the microphone. Check the audio here. Ryan then shared a link to audio from Wu-Tang's performance here in Toronto in 1996. Check that audio here.

These are some of the moments I would've loved to have witnessed and see the progression of a scene I love so much and wish I was more part of..