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Sunday, August 24, 2008

red carpet dream..

I've been meaning to post some dreams I've had recently, but always forget but when I woke up this morning, I knew I just had to post something on the dream I had last night.

It starts off with me playing road hockey in front of a bar in a plaza in some little town. I'm playing with a couple of friends and a few other people I don't know. We're playing when I go to take a walk to the corner store to get something. I meet up with a friend of mine from elementary school. We start talking. She says she's going out and if I wanted to come with her. I say, Sure. I go home to get ready. I put on my regular club type wear and meet up with my pal and her friend. I meet her on the corner down the street of the club we're going to. I see her. We start heading to the club. Suddenly as we approach the entrance, we're asked to board on a bus that will take us the rest of the way. The rest of the way? Where is this place? I thought we were just going a few blocks. We're on the bus. We're taking pictures. I think my friends friend likes me. We start flirting. Before we know it, we're asked to get off the bus. We're then on a red carpet. I feel like I'm at some awards show. Photos being taken. Camera shooting reporters interviewing the celebrities. Tres Chic. We enter the building where the red carpet continues which leads us to an elevator.

Aren't we there, yet?

After the elevator we see two guys checking everyones I.D and taking tickets. Tickets? I don't have one. Don't bother my friend says as we just pass by without the bouncers checking anything. Finally, we're there. I leave the two females as I head to the bar. I'm led back to where my friends are playing hockey.

I wake up.