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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

guess who's who..

And we thought that the return of Humble Howard to Toronto radio was big enough news to keep radio folk talking until fall, there's something else now to chat about. There's someone else joining the new EZ-Rock morning team. Along with Howard, Colleen Rosholme and Kim Stockwood there's a mysterious forth member of the show that EZ Rock is identifying on their site as only a silhouette. Many are yappering about who could this forth talent be.

How about Howard's old partner, Fred Patterson? Nah.

Bingo Bob
who used to work with Humble at CFNY? Nope. He's already got a gig.

Then how about that old morning guy who recently left his longtime post over at CHUM? Ahh..That sounds more realistic.

But wasn't he supposed to join the ranks of CFRB? They are down the hall from each other. Double duty? We'll find out when Rick Hodge starts with 'RB Monday.