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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

scruff's alive!

That old Toronto rock mainstay is still kicking around. Last week a very popular yellow radio board announced that Q107 legend Scruff Connors has passed away. It seemed the mod heard from a secret tipper on the news and thought it was correct. Scurff has been battling cancer for recent years and hasn't really been heard from for a while so it wasn't too much of a shock. As soon as the news was posted, Connors pals wrote the mod letting him know that Connors is still with us doing very well. He's a richer man this week. He won a hundred grand last week and now is a proud renter of an elephant from the Bowmanville Zoo.

This reminds me of the night my pal Tom Rivers passed. While Riv was on his death bed after a short battle with cancer, news of his death was already flooding up the yellow board. The tipper had gotten word from a Rogers worker who had already wrote up the news copy to be read on air. Riv did die. 6 hours later.