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Thursday, June 12, 2008


Music is a lot like graffiti. Every few years you have a whole new style or wave of next level artists that just shock the older heads. In the graffiti world, this usually happens every three years. In music, it takes a few more to actually find that true diamond in the rough. The artist or group that have pushed all elements and have made a whole new sound. Most of the time, these new cats aren't really new. They've usually been around for a while, but never noticed.

Sa-Ra Creative Partners are that type of group.

Made up of Om'Mas Keith, Taz Arnold, and Shafiq Husayn,the trio were originally signed to Kanye's Good Music label where
the group were to drop their debut full length album rumored to be called Black Fuzz. However, the project was dissolved by the label's distributor Sony BMG so free from restriction, the group moved over to the Babygrande imprint which had talent from GZA to Jedi Mind Tricks and Canibus. In 2006, the group released an album sampler that featured songs like Big Fame, Star Wars, and Hollywood that was followed up by the full length album called Hollywood Recordings which dropped last April on Babygrande Records.

Sa-Ra have that unique type of sound that makes their hiphop, soul, jazz, electro pop fusion sound both futuristic and soulful. Hopefully someone would be able to bring them to town as I would love to see this group live. Sa-Ra is for sure a group to check out.