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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

pretty women trivia...

A few weeks ago, I posted some movie trivia. I it was received well, so I thought I would do it more often. Choose some random classic or even new flick and post trivia about that movie. Today I chose Pretty Women since I checked it out a couple of days ago. A real classic which saw the young actress Julia Roberts make her imprint in Hollywood.

The opera Richard Gere takes Julia Roberts to is La Traviata, which is about a prostitute who falls in love with a wealthy man.

Julia Roberts's head was superimposed on Shelley Michelle's body for the poster. Richard Gere's hair is brown on the poster, but graying in the movie.

Richard Gere is actually playing the piano. He also composed the piece of music that is played.

The red coat that Vivian wears was bought for $30 from a movie usher in the street shortly before filming.

In the final scene, Edward "serenades" Vivian with a recording of an aria from La Traviata. The aria has a vocal solo followed by the theme on strings and trumpet. That arrangement was not from the original opera but adapted for the movie.

Ralph Bellamy's final movie.

When Edward snaps the necklace case down on Vivian's fingers, was improvised by Gere, and Roberts' reaction (laughter) was totally natural. The filmmakers liked it so much, they decided to leave it in.

The film's working title was "$3,000".

Christopher Reeve
was originally considered for the Edward Lewis role.

Al Pacino also turned down the role of Edward Lewis.

Molly Ringwald was originally offered the role of Vivian but turned it down.

Disney didn't want Julia Roberts for the role of Vivian, instead they wanted Meg Ryan.

In the shots of the city in the very beginning, you will notice that some of the neon letters in the hotel where Vivian lives are burned out. The only remaining lighted letters spell "HO".

The necklace that Vivian wears to the opera really cost $250,000. While filming, a security man from the jewelry store equipped with a gun was constantly standing behind the director.

Voted #4 Must See Movie of all time by listeners of Capital FM in London.

While shooting the scene where Vivian is laying down on the floor of Edward's penthouse, watching old I Love Lucy re-runs, in order to achieve a genuine laughter, Director Garry Marshall had to tickle Roberts's feet (out of camera range) to get her to laugh so hysterically.

During the lovemaking scene Julia Roberts got so nervous a visible vein popped out of her forehead. Director Garry Marshall got into bed with Julia and Richard Gere. Marshall and Gere massaged her forehead until the vein disappeared. Julia also broke into hives and was given calamine lotion until they were finally able to shoot the scene.