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Thursday, June 5, 2008

justin changes his ways..

As an extra on the upcoming hockey cancon friendly summer flick The Love Guru I heard some really bad things about the stars of the film. Things I'd rather keep quiet. It's just sad that sometimes you think your favorite stars would be down-to-earth and friendly when the whole ego things becomes a factor. On the other hand, you never really know how much of these stories you hear about are true - like this one. During the club scene in the movie, it was reported from another extra that Justin Timberlake stopped the filming and asked the director to tell everyone on set not to look at him in the eye as it bothers him.

I wasn't too surprised, but still pretty disappointed in the young boy bander. I always wondered how true that story was - until now. It looks like Timberlake has the same rules for press when conducting interviews with the artist and to make it official they have to sign a contract promising that they'll take care of all of Timberlake's requests.

Well, it's been reported that The Love Guru production company has backed down to inforce this contact during this weekends press junket with Timberlake. Has he changed his ways or is he being forced to do so because the boss' are saying so? Time will tell.