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Thursday, June 5, 2008

canada looses its theme

I hardly write about sports unless it's sports entertainment however, I just had to say something about this.

The Hockey Night in Canada theme has been dropped. Last night was the last time you'll hear the cornerstone tune that has become a second national anthem in many Canuk homes since 1968. Seems like CBC doesn't want to pay the big bucks to renew the copyrights for the theme.

Some people don't know Hockey Night in Canada without that theme. For some people, the theme is their national anthem. For some, the theme means love, family, goodtimes and good memories. The theme brings you back to cozy winter nights gathered around the TV set with the family watching Hockey while munching down on popcorn and sipping on hot mocha. It's as much of our countries fabric as bacon, the maple leaf and Brian Mulroney's chin.

And now it's done. It'll never be heard again.

Time will tell what will replace the iconic theme however, Scott Moore, the executive director of CBC Sports did promise, "We'd like to keep as much of it intact" However, he added "if we can't do a responsible and reasonable deal that's good for both sides, change happens."