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Sunday, June 1, 2008

digital underground drops new album

Digital Underground is back. The legendary hip hop group who put Tupac Shakur in the spotlight have returned to drop the groups last studio album. Now on newly found Seattle based record label Jake Records, The Underground dropped Cuz A d.u Party Don't Stop last week. The album will be available on iTunes, Napster, cdbaby.com and other file sharing sites and also for free via Undergrond's myspace site.

Jake Records founder and CEO Scott Thomas said the release marks a milestone for the group. "Digital Underground has been making music for two solid decades now. Whether you are a fan of D.U. from 1988 or you're looking for some 2008 Humpty flavor, this album satisfies. From the live cuts to the new joints, this is one party any fan would regret not having," he said. "These guys have earned an amazing fan base for their 20 years. It is beyond awesome to me that no matter where we go, everyone is excited to hear about new music from Digital Underground," he added.

It's good to have the Humpty back.