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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

city looses another cornerstone..

On the heels of CHUM's morning break-up, the axing of longtime CITY-TV mainstay Peter Silverman and the loss of corner blabber booth, Speaker's Corner, Rogers continues to hand out the pink slips. This time it's hitting the younger guy demographic who fell in love with a puppet.

Ed is Gone.

After 20 years on the station, Ed The Sock has been released by CITY-TV. In an interview with the Star, the creator of the green haired, smoking hand puppet said "There's no ill will. Things change," said Steve Kerzner, "We just don't really fit, I guess, as presently constituted, with what they wanted to do with the channel" The station advised Kerzner that Rogers wants to brand CITY to more female viewers and his long standing late-night comedy show isn't a good fit and urged the talent to pursue other projects.

And it's in the works.

"There are potentially two Ed projects," Kerzner hinted to the Globe, "I can't say what they are, or who they're with yet. But we [he and his co-host/wife Liana Kerzner] are looking to use the medium in a different way - to peel open the hype and spin that's all around us. There's also been talk of an Ed movie for a while, and the script's almost done."

Meanwhile, Kerzner who is proud of the fact that his gig which started as a little community television show to going big time on CITY two years later, has been on the air almost as long as another trademark Canadian comedy show, Royal Canadian Air Farce.

"The present show is ending", added the 40 year-old Kerzner, "but Ed the Sock isn't going quietly."

Ed's last show comes August 31st.

I wonder how his former co-host feels about the news?