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Sunday, May 25, 2008

sittin' down with circle research..

We virtually sat down with Circle Research last week to chat about hip hop, the new record Who? and other stuff.
Here is what down. If you'd like to find out more about CR you can check out the EPK below. Here's what went down..

F - How are you today?

CR- Astro: Alert, feeling good!
Nik : Tired, but happy that the weather is nice

Fame - What were you listening to today?

CR - Astro: Galt MacDermot At Home , Little Barrie At The Gym
Nik: J Dilla Pay Jay unreleased album

F - Any new digs?

CR - Astro: Raspberry croissants from Clafouti
Nik: The new Circle research studio

F - I guess everyone knows already that you're from Circle Research based out of Toronto and I'll have everyone check out the EPK to find out the background behind how you guys got together so I'll just ask you this - if you weren't doing what you're doing now, what would you be doing?

CR - Astro: writing and directing film or starting a family
Nik: Breakdancing, in the eye glasses biz, Or run my own Vintage Clothing Boutique

F - Do you think being a hip hop artist or producer in the states would've been easier than being one in Toronto?

CR - Astro: Way more competition in the states, at least in Toronto it's easier to get press and there are more opportunities for grants, etc..
Nik: Yes it would be easier, because Hip Hop is not canadian culture

F - Speaking of the scene, how do you think it's grown over the past decade or so? and I'm talking about the culture sense of it. All four elements.

CR - Astro: I was at the Bboy Unit 2008 battle and bboying is definitely the most exciting aspect of Toronto hip hop right now.
Nik:More awareness, and more people involved

F - We already know you did some breaking in the past from your EPK, However, have you done any other parts of the hip hop elements and if not, why not?

CR - Astro: It's always been DJ'ing and making beats. I wish I could rap or do graf, but let's face it - I suck at that shit.
Nik: I guess we have done everything except Graff. – Dj , breakin, MC’in and producing.

F - What do you think of the statement Hip Hop Is Dead?

CR - Astro: it's a cliche
Nik: Hip Hop IS Dead. Of course people still make hip hop music and rap music. But its not the same Hip Hop we were passionate about. Diggin for records and trying to NOT sound like the next man. Now it seems like people take pride in bitting the popular top 40 sound and everyone is OK with it. As far as I’m concerned in terms of the music the BEATS are the only pure form left.

F - I guess you can say you guys are underground. Don't know if you except that line or not or that you're backpacker kinda music. What type of label wouldn't you except?

CR - Astro: Yeah, I guess we're underground, but why does mainstream have to have a bad connotation to it? I don't listen to backpacker music, so i don't know why we'd be labelled as such. I don't even listen to hip hop much.
Nik: Wouldn’t expect to be labeled TOP 40, or Adult contemporary

F - What wouldn't Circle Research ever be?


F - How how did you come up with the name Who?. Thinking it's because maybe you think no one knows you in Toronto but that would be odd since I think you guys are pretty popular..

CR - Astro: We're not just thinking Toronto anymore. We think on a global scale. That's why we signed to a German label.
Nik: Exactly. We came up with WHO? because after so many releases people still don’t know WHO we are.

F - You also have a radio show online or podcasted. What made you leave community radio to go online? Have you gotten feedback on how many more people have tuned in? What has the response been like?

CR - The response is good, but it's still in it's infancy. Now we're getting an international listenership. People love our sense of humor!

F - Speaking of your radio show, at the beginning of it there's a little bumper where you have a bunch of people saying Circle Research. The first time I heard it I thought it was pretty fresh. Can you name all of the people who did that drop for you?

CR - Astro: We got everyone from Tash, Saukrates, Rahzel, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Flomaster, too many to name.
Nik: we actually recorded most of those in like '96 '97 '98, we have Lord Finnesse, Dj Serious, Dj Grouch, Diamond D, Smiff n Wesson.

F - Anything else to plug? if so plug away.

CR - Check out the remix we did for the Insideamind 12". It's called A Matter of Time. We're also working on new beats!