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Thursday, May 29, 2008

happy birthday, chum.

May 27th, 1957 marked the birth of not only a radio station, but a lifestyle that spun Toronto teens into a whole new culture that was surrounded by DJ's that were known as celebrities, wacky contests and trying to sneak into the studios to meet such artists as Elvis, The Beatles and the Osmonds. It wasn't only the artists that made 1050 CHUM - The CHUM it was also the announcers. The guys behind the microphone who brought charisma, personality and creativity to the radio Show.

On May 27th 1957, Owner Alan Waters flipped CHUM's format to TOP 50 - a format that was working in the States. They used Elvis' All Shook Up as the song to introduce the format flip. The station began its rule on top of the radio dial until the mid-80's when FM stations and main AM rival CFTR took over with higher numbers. The station quickly made another format flip and re-branded themsleves as Favorites of Yesterday and Today. By '89 they made another flip and became an oldies station targeting the ears that made them the Toronto landmark they are today.

Happy 51st CHUM!