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Thursday, May 29, 2008

dreamin' about the crush..

Another weird dream that got me thinking. I wake up in a bed. I turn around and there's a girl beside me but not just any girl. It's her. My Hollywood crush. Kirsten is sleeping with her back to me. I assume that she knows I'm there so I try to hug her, but I can't. Something is keeping me back. I don't feel like It's the right time. Don't know why. I get up and walk around. I'm in a house. Seems like it's early morning. Everyone is there. I see a couple of my buddies and my cousins and a couple of friends. Everyone is just waking up. Everyone looks hung over or really really tired. One or the other. I walk back to the room and Kirsten is still sleeping. I get back into the bed and try to sleep. I roll over and just stare at Kirsten. I'm half awake at this time, thinking to myself that this is such a great dream and that I better stay asleep. Doesn't work. I wake up.

Then the strangest thing happened.

I fall back asleep a few moments later and I'm right back at that moment where I'm lying down on the bed looking at my cute soap starlet. Still can't seem to hold her. Still don't know why. I'm just looking at her. She rolls over and looks at me. She mumbles something. Not sure what and gets up. I wake up again.

Odd dream. Don't know what to make of it. It's not everyday where I can wake up and fall back asleep and get right back at that same moment where I left it off and it's not everyday that I dream about her. All in all it was a great dream, but got me thinking.