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Sunday, November 10, 2013

killing flies

I promised you a while back that I will try to post more of my dreams. Sometimes, I'm afraid to reveal them. For many reasons, but mainly because of something I heard before. If you reveal your dreams, they won't come true. So I try to stay mum about the good ones. The one I had the other night was a good one - but I didn't know it was good until I looked it up the meaning on a dream dictionary site.

It went like this; I walked into an enclosed patio. Someone's house, not sue who. There was a glass jar full of flies. They were flying to the top and then falling back down. They couldn't seem to take flight. As soon as they flew to the top, I would hit them down dead. Some, I pinched. Some I hit with a rock. I killed them all. I continued to do this until they were all dead. I then woke up.

I had to get up to find out what this dream meant. Thought it was something really bad. It ended up meaning that I would redeem myself and regain my honour after my "fall from grace". That kinda makes sense, I guess.

I start a new 9-5 Tomorrow. Dream job kinda deal. Could this be my redemption?