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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

indie 88.1 launches today at noon

In a busy couple of weeks in radioland, this is the best story to come out from our fairyland. Based in Liberty Village, Indie 88.1 FM is hitting the airwaves at Noon today. The station slogan is set at "Giving great music a Home".

Industry insiders are calling it the rebirth of the Spirit of Radio, (that same line Rush made popular and EDGE 102 once used when they were known as CFNY),. Promises to take "the form of communication with its listeners, a core local audience of adults ages 18 to 34".  as stated by, Program Director Adam Thompson. "This is very much a Toronto radio station" he told the Toronto Star. . "We serve our constituents. They'll tell us what they want to hear".

Same old blabber most PD's mutter when a station hits the air or flips format, but I'm really hoping Thompson is right on this one. This is a very cool and needed direction Toronto radio needs to go in and I'm really looking forward to it.

Tune in.