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Thursday, July 25, 2013

blundell address shapiro m.i.a. on edge morning show

After a bunch of mutter this week on the interweb, EDGE morning man Dean Blundell made it official yesterday morning by addressing the Where is Todd Situation.

"A lot of you people have been asking about what's going on with Todd and where he is". Said Blundell in the last few minutes of his morning show, Wednesday. "I'm sad to say no longer with the show, leaving the morning show team here at the EDGE".

Some say the hosts had a falling out last week and Todd packed his bags. Others blame a July 17th ruling from Canadian Broadcast Standards Council that got the popular morning run in serious doodoo.

Blundell hasn't said anything else on the matter except for the fact that he'll be getting a new co-host this fall and urging listeners via Twitter that the show is for them. "The show is about you folks", he Tweeted. "Not any one person. We reflect your day and life and if you've all trusted me for 13 years don't stop". He continued, "Its our privilege  to do this for and with you everyday. I'm stoked to grow. You deserve our best and I guarantee you'll get it.."

Of course it isn't about any one person, Dean. It's not like the show is called the Dean Blundell Show...