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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

allergies and the lab

Yesterday, Mike Stafford was talking about his sudden attack of allergies. I thought to myself, that the allergies will attack me in a month or so. Boy, was I wrong. Woke up with a full blown allergy beatdown. Watery eyes, sneeze attacks. Headache. Even though I felt like death, I headed out to fight the  days  fight. By the time I was coming back home, the attack had gotten a hundred times worse. However, one thing that got me through the day was reuniting with the music of Stereolab. As much as I wanted to turn it up, my throbbing head didn't allow me. Therefore, I  kept it at a good volume. Loud enough to bump, low enough to keep my head from exploding.

If you suffer from allergies, take my advice. Tea, Rest and some of these beats to make you feel all better. Doctor's orders.