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Monday, February 4, 2013

rest well, penny.

 Still around. 2013 seems to be rushing by faster than previous years. It's February already? The days are going much faster it seems, which means trying to fit in more work with less hours. Be it as it may, I'm able to  sit down now and play catch up. On this site, on e-mails. On notes to friends. On eating. It's a wonderful feeling when you're able to enjoy a meal instead of gobbling it all down within minutes so you can cross off a few more items on the To Do list.

I woke up this morning learning about the passing of the Penny. I know it has saved me a bunch of times from breaking a bill. It's been a good, useful  friend. I hope you rest well, little buddy.  Trust you too were humming that Beatles tune, too today.

All together now,

"Penny Lane...."