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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

your hand in mine.

My life beyond this room I sit in is getting a bit hectic. It's the New Year. It's expected. People are back in the groove and the e-mails are piling up. Work is starting to pick up. And personal obligations are to be met. Got a deadline for Friday on a project. Saturday I've got a wedding where I'm delivering a speech and next week, I have a couple of meetings to attend. January. It'll die down again by June. In the meantime, trying to find solitude and keeping a smile on my face.

I have said this many times on here, and remain a firm believer in this;

Change is good.

I changed up my living quarters a bit. Switched things around. A bit for just a change and a bit because I needed a new view. It's been working out really well so far.

Lost my Blackberry virginity. Due to some weird wiring in my Samsung phone, it has been taken to the Phone Hospital for a couple of weeks. Rogers gave me a Curve to use till my Samsung comes home. Still undecided. However, the test drive would be so much smoother if I hadn't lost all my contacts when they transferred sin cards from the Sumsung to the Curve. Basically using a phone with basically no data could be fun, I guess. At least for a few days.

Music has been able to keep me calm lately. That and online Scrabble - something I never thought I'd get into, but I can now see why people get addicted. While most of my listening time comes with finding the meanings behind lyrics written by some of the greatest singer/songwriters and trying to fathom which man over 50 wrote that latest Pop hit, sometimes, it's nice to just listen to the instruments sing.  I'll leave you with a diddy I have on repeat. If you're not familiar with Explosions in the Sky, I would say, get on that...