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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

carroll to return to 640 in '13?

That's the rumor. Last week, the former AM640 and CFRB talker, Bill Carroll posted on his site that Toronto should "Stand-By". The teaser read;
"Hey Toronto listeners, Bill Carroll has a big announcement, call it a Christmas Present for his fans...Stay-tuned for details as we can't let out the big secret just yet!"
It was thought that the L.A celeb would be returning home for a visit and a fill-in spot during the holidays on his old home 1010. The news was quickly dismissed by a new possibility. That Carroll is leaving his L.A.hood to return to Toronto and front the AM640 drive-home spot. Multiple sources are confirming. Word is he's starting in April.

 Carroll currently hosts the top rated afternoon drive show on Los Angles' top talker, KFI-AM 640.