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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

guys. always take notes..

Working from bed today. In and out internet connection. Short naps. Tons of tissue boxes. Headache complaining. Watery eyes due to the glare from my decade old television. Slippers in bed. This was Wednesday. Surprisingly, with all the distraction, I got stuff done. Even started 25% of tomorrows list. Only a few more hours till I put everything aside to enjoy the first day of the big dance in San Fran. Going to enjoy my lamb soup I made earlier. Second time I made this dish. The last time was a few years ago for an Ex. She hinted to me once that that was her poison when sick. Like the good boyfriend I was, I remembered and made my own version of the plate. She loved it. It came out wonderful and I really enjoyed it, too. Haven't had an excuse to make it till today. Used some leftover lamb from the weekend and added some rice, cucumber, onions, garlic and pepper and salt. Morel of the story, fellas? Take notes. The chicks dig it when you remember the small stuff they like. It's like you're paying attention to them when they talk. I joke. I always listen. I'm going to go in for seconds now. Slip off the slippers, and take a shot of the best medicine. Bask in the good things in life. Like soup. And Memories. Be positive.