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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

birth to death.

Looks like it's kinda calming down at the empire after a few busy weeks. I finished a couple of projects and just starting the hand of a new gig. For a while there, life was getting way too busy for me that I didn't know how to keep up. Now, it's at a good speed and just busy enough. Busy is good. Right now, it's excellent. Plate is full, but there's still some room for stuffing and baked potatoes. Later I will crack open Wuthering Heights and enjoy my second cup of green tea while I nurse this little bug that just appeared out of no where. Before I head back to get rip open a new Kleenex box, I'll leave you off with this little gem of wisdom. If you feel that something is in its infiency. Be it either in your personal or professional life, but don't know how it'll blossom, give it water. See it mature organically. If it doesn't flourish, at least you gave something life for a while. Let it breath. Let it be. And enjoy the moments from its birth to its death.