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Monday, May 21, 2012

thank you to the ol' lady..

While everyone packed up and headed north or traveled to The Falls, I stayed put. Caught up on some writing, some assignments, and relaxed. I never saw the big thing about trying to get away by going to a place where everyone else is going. Rather stay where I was. Eventually, everyone left and I had the town to myself. It was nice. Went out only on Friday. Went back into my bubble for the rest of the weekend. The soundtrack was Florence and the Machine and Fun heavy. Checked out both their debut releases. Both dropped back in '09. I also educated myself on some Country and reunited with some old Hip Hop favorites. Something about 90s Hip Hop and a warm sunny day. Perfect match. This afternoon, I warmed up the Barbie and made myself two burgers. Chips, Potato Salad and Fruits. Made up my meals. Very relaxing and peaceful Victoria Day Weekend. Thank you to the ol' Lady for a few days of peace and quiet and the few moments of excitement with the nephew thrown in between. It was Fun.