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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

celebrate growth.

While growth as taken over my life lately, I've forgotten about you. Sorry. I know it's been a while since I last checked in. Over doing it with courses at the moment and my freelance biz workload is picking up. Good things, yes. I just need some time to breath. Last weekend was packed with family duties as my dear nephew turned the big fiver. He's the best little buddy a guy could ever ask for. Best nephew an uncle could have. It's amazing how one little soul could change someone's life in such a positive way. Much like, my nieces, the little kids have reminded me of innocence, unconditional love and how to have fun in life. Things we tend to forget as we get older and get busy working or learning.

While it's always good to exceed your abilities, it's also important to have fun and celebrate the achievements you have made.

Wrapped another 5k walk over the weekend. Since April, I've clocked in over 19k. Goal is to do the Terry Fox Run this fall. I know I can do it. By the end of summer, a 10k would be child's play. The Walks have been my only time to really connect with the self and reflect. I also look forward to it because it's my time to spend with my camera. As I have already tread most of the nearby grounds, I'm now  researching some new ground to conquer. The Weekend Warrior in me is enjoying late nights on the patios, and hoping to do a mission downtown one afternoon very soon.

Gotta make my fruit shake and get ready for an exam.

Leave you with this.  As the days get hotter, don't forget to Stay Thirsty, Friends and..

Celebrate Growth.