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Saturday, April 7, 2012

long weekend thoughts.

Long weekend Saturday. Easter, Kids! I'm drinking a fruit shake I whipped up last night while my Jerk Chicken was roasting in the oven. Strawberries, Oranges, Pear and Banana. No cream this time. No Lemon Juice. Keeping it real. Keeping all the extra out. Pure juice. I call it energy juice. With this bad boy, no need for coffee. Every once in a while I try to cut down on my addiction to coffee. It's not that I get the shakes, or headaches or anything. It's just sometimes, you need a break from everything. The breaks give you time to realize the love you have for it. Makes you appreciate it more. Distance makes me heart grow..well, you know the saying.

Long weekend Saturday. Finished the drink. Going for a re-fill after this. Woke up this morning saw the moon looking right down on me piercing through the window with all his might. It was beautiful. Grabbed my camera and took a flick. Posted. I had to share the moment. It was like it was a friend from heaven saying morning to me. Or wishing me a good day before  they go to sleep. Either way, it was very cool.

Long weekend Saturday. Reflecting on Good Friday. I went to visit a friend in this hospital, but before, I dropped by the one place that has always been able to give me inspiration. Never failed. It's a park close to where I used to live. I went to take a few quick pictures. It felt like time stood still. The animals knew I was there with a camera and they acted like it was their photoshoot for the next cover of Today's Animal. They stood still for me to snap a quick one. I thanked them for their time and went along my way to the next object of my camera's affection. It was less than an hour but time stood still. Everything came out perfectly. It was a great afternoon for this photographer. Here are a few shots..

I'll leave you with that. Gotta get going. It's Long Weekend Saturday. Have a chocolate full Easter, kids.