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Sunday, April 15, 2012

atmosphere. moments. company.

It's either that people choose to make the weekend fun by making things complicated. Don't know why. Maybe it's just in us. Finding that complication leads to the greatest stories. And memories. Realized this weekend that the simplicity is good sometimes, too. The simplicity of just enjoying company. Atmosphere. Moments. I limited the alcohol consumption this weekend and still had a great few days. Good company.  Atmosphere. Moments.  All lead to some great stories for the future. Simplicity of things like a Saturday lunch, a long hike, watching the game, or just a quiet night in working and watching old Hip Hop videos while nursing a Molson Canadian. These are the times that I much rather than the long nights of yesterday that we once urged for all week long. Maybe it's the age. Maybe it's that we've been there and done that. Maybe that we have just gotten smarter. The all-nighters, the days of bar hopping into the wee hours just don't cut it anymore. The stories just begin now on how we can't function for a few days after. How we don't remember much.  An unexplained call log on the cell phone. Weird stories told by your friends. I'm not saying those nights aren't fun sometimes. We all have to go wild once in a while. You just have to handle it. Balance it out. Appreciate both worlds without getting too bored. Or tiring yourself out.And most of all doing it safely and responsibly.

Swerve away from the norm. Do something new. Take a new path. Go somewhere else for your Chai Latte. Grab a new type of beer. Change up that old family recipe. Stay in. Be sober and remember the days along with the nights. All of which I did this weekend. The moments. The atmosphere. The Company.