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Friday, March 16, 2012

the lazy weekend begins after this..

Before the laziness of the weekend begins, thought I would jot something down on here. Haven't been too much into the writing mood lately. I have felt bad about it, too. I tried a few times this week to write something, but nothing came. Blank screen. I just ended up surfing looking for inspiration. Nothing came. Got sidetracked and moved on. Thinking tomorrow it'd be better. Tomorrow came and again. Nothing. Today is here and I'm trying my best. Doing this from my bed. The sound of the television humming in the background. It's Friday. And Fridays are always sweeter with nice weather and nice weather is what we have. Sleeping with the windows open. I guess it's the city boy in me, but I find cars driving by to be soothing. I always found city noise comforting. I belong downtown. Someday. Let the laziness of the weekend begin now that I have jotted something donw on here..