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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the earthquake dream

It's 4.01AM. I decided to get up to write this dream down before I forget it. I couldn't really sleep, anyhow..

It really well. Shook me...

I'm on the roof of a high rise in Downtown Toronto. Beautiful day. I'm with a bunch of friends while the BBQ is going and the music is blaring. My sister is there, too. We're all having a great time. A friend of mine is asking some other of the guys about where he can get some hard drugs. PCP kind of hard stuff. This while I'm rolling a spliff. The Mary Jane feels a bit grainier. It's not green at all but yellow. I look down and I see a bunch of beer in a box. Different types of bottles. Shape and colors. They look fancy. I was about to say something to my sister when it happened.

The earth started to move.

We were having an earthquake. 100 stories  up. The buildings start to shake. We start to shake. We're yelling for our lives. It stops. I say how I had a dream about an earthquake the night before, when it starts again. Aftershock? This time a bit harder. And longer.  Another earthquake. We all grab on to each other. The drugs go flying. The beer tossed.

I wake up.