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Saturday, February 11, 2012

smile speaks volumes.

Walking down the familiar path last night. Looked over. She was smiling. I smiled back. Didn't realize it then, but it touched me. It made me feel good. It made me feel like the year of us not talking was all BS and that everything was over. Again. We go through similar stuff. We rewind history and play it over and over. We don't tend to realize it when we're going through it but we look back and say `Dude, We just went through this like just last year'. Insert Groundhog Day reference here. We hit our heads and wonder how this same thing took over our lives. Again. Sucks. But egos and temper and the almighty sense of being right takes over our soul. Spite. Spite is a dirty word. It's evil. But we all love it. Like drugs. Or McDonalds breakfast. Or the stupid softcore flicks on CITY. We all watch. Don't lie. I know you do, too. Back to the smile. It warmed me up. Looking back at it, I wish I said something. Wish we made more contact. But I guess the Smile spoke volumes. Keep them wanting more, right? For sure. Especially girls. They like a mystery in their man. Girls are weird like that. Looking back at it now, I should've ran up and gave her a bear hug. Nah. Smile was good enough. Replaying the moment in my head is making me nuts, but I just need to. Smiles speak volumes. I just want to turn it up and never stop listening. Rock on.