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Monday, February 6, 2012

good or bad, just enjoy.

It's that moment when you realize you still have Swiss Chalet french fries in your fridge. Sitting beside a half container of Swiss Chalet gravy. It's that moment when you get home after a long day out and realize you can now put on your PJs, slippers and scarf down a chocolate chip cake and act like a pig for the rest of the night on the couch. It's that moment when  you wake up on Saturday morning and it hits you that it's the weekend. It's these moments I got all weekend. Good feeling moments that made me appreciate the time. An old radio pal of mine once said. Time should be a longer word. We don't have enough of it. Very true. Appreciate the fleeting moments that come to you. The Relief, Excitement. Shock. Even the not so good moments. When you're angry. Frustrated. Stressed. If it wasn't for those moments, you won't enjoy the good ones.

Life is about balance, after all.

Balance is what I can make of the weekend. There's a bunch of good and bad. So-so and Amazing. All taken in and learned from. Trying to move on. Trying to take in the feelings. Trying to forget the upsetting second. It's the times when you're walking home with a coffee in hand, enjoying the sun hitting your face while your jacket is dancing to the morning breeze. It feels like April. But it's February. We can't always have those moments. Who knows when we'll get another mild winter. Let's enjoy it. Take it in. Go to the beach. Play in the backyard. Drink on a patio. Sunbathe. Taking it in is what it's all about.

Life is about enjoying the short moments that come to you. Good or bad. Just enjoy.