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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

trusting technology

All day. Staring at the screen. Waiting for an e-mail. Phone by side. Waiting for it to ring. Finally had the courage to pick up the phone to make a call. Will I still get the call I'm waiting for? Maybe they'll e-mail instead. Forgot. It's 2012. Call waiting has been around for a few. Still don't trust it. Never trust technology when it comes to life and death situations. It'll always disappoint you.

In '95 I got my first pager. I was at a coffee shop drinking my coffee and writing. Not much has changed, really. I was waiting for a page. A friend was going to call. Let me know if he wanted to chill. Waited. Waited. Decided to call him. No one answered. Checked my pager again. Nothing. Half hour passed. Checked my pager. Still nothing. Checked the voice mail in case I missed something. Nada. As I was about to give up, I see lights pulling into the parking lot of the plaza. It was him. He waved. I dropped my bag. Pulled out my smoked and lit one up. When back to the counter and ordered my forth. My friend ran in. Asked him where he was. He told me that he tried to page me, but it was cut off. Bell hadn't received my cheque.

I thought of that story all day while staring at my phone and my Gmail Inbox.

Until I got the call.

Sometimes, I guess, technology comes through. Just make sure it's plugged in and the cheque has been paid.