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Monday, January 9, 2012

rip larry solway

Radio got a bit less interesting today. Larry Solway has passed away after a lengthy battle with Cancer. For most of the older ears, Solway was a staple to Toronto radio for years doing time at CHUM, CFRB and 640 where he hosted brash, controversial, and honest talk shows. It was his time, however, at CHUM that he'll always be remembered.

As a young radio wannabe, I got to know Larry when he was on CFRB. One time, when I was 8 or 9, I heard that the Toronto Sun Wrestling scribe, Frank Z, would be on Solway's show talking good ol' 'resslin. I had to tune in. As the eagerness of being on radio took over my body, I had the phone in hand wanting to talk to Frank and Larry while mounted on my kitchen table with the whole family huddled around me. I couldn't wait. I finally heard my name. It was my turn. Larry asked who was on the other line. I quickly responded, "This is Shane. Shane from Stoufville". No quicker then when I picked up the phone to dial CFRB, Larry quizzically asked, "Is this the beautiful Mrs Liz?" - referring to the old manager and real life wife of Randy "Macho Man" Savage. I couldn't speak while my family chuckled quietly in the background. It was all in good humour for Solway.

I continued to listen to the legendary host till the very end and was happy he would do a quick run in politics later on in life. Most recently, I was excited to check out his daily mumbles on his blog, Looking Ahead. I was scared the end was near for the pro last November when he wrote his readers that he couldn't write anymore. The end was near. He wrote, “I'm writing this only to touch base with all my blog readers. I very nearly died from cancerous lungs and am still languishing in PMH where if my luck holds, they will be sending me home, where I cancuddle (sic) up to the trap of my own TV.” The broadcaster signed off, “I hope to survive. If not. It's been good.”

It was very good, Larry and you did us proud. Rest Good, Mr. Solway.