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Monday, January 9, 2012

life is epic

For the first mixtape for 2012, here's an exclusive download before I send it over to the good people at Birp.fm. For thoes who aren't familiar, a few months ago, Birp.fm picked up my indie rock mixtape I did and featured it on their site. Now, I'm doing up the second one for the site. However, before I hand it over to them, I'm letting you get an exclusive listen before anyone else. It's a 10 track Indie rock tape full of new to new-ish tunage from Stars, Feist, The Weeknd, Radiohead and more.

(00:00) The National - I Need my Girl
(4:23)The Willow and the Builder – Heartache
(7:57) Arches – Nowhere to Go
(11:54) Prehistoricos – Los Salvagies
(15:14) Feist – Comfort Me
(18:41) Stars – Dead Hearts
(21:43) Alexander – Truth
(25:53) Radiohead – The Daily Mail
(28:18) The Weeknd – Next
(34:17) Youth Lagoon – Goodbye Again


And to Check out my first mixtape for Birp, Check it out here.