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Sunday, January 15, 2012

my philosophy

It was only about time that I drop a mixtape dedicated to my favourite rapper, KRS-One. The other day, I felt all Hip Hoppy and was listening to my Kris discography. I thought it was about time to do up the mixtape. Like with any legend, it's hard to fit in all his hits on to an hour and half mixtape. Did my best. Tried to convey the sound of KRS One in a single tape. I think I did good. So here ya go. My Philosophy. A KRS One mixtape. How many real Hip Hoppers in the place right now?

Krs One Attacks
Outa  Here
Return of the Boom Bap
The Bridge is Over
Criminal Minded
My Philosophy
Hip Hop Rules
Self Destruction
P is still Free
Duck Down
The Original Way
Mad Crew
Represent the Real Hip Hop
Free Mumia
Rappers R N. Danja
Ah –Yeah
The MC
Step into a World
Sound of da Police
Unstoppable – Public Enemy feat. KRS –One  
I’m Still #1

A Friend
Out for Fame
4th Quarter – Free Throws