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Sunday, January 15, 2012

my cool grandparents..

January 15th. A day to celebrate. And to Remember.

My Grandmother used to help me skip school. Well, Sort of. She didn't know that I was skipping school. She just thought that I was sick. I was. Sick of school. I would give her a call and she would come and get me. At the tender age of 7, I had skipping down to an art form. I didn't even know there was a word for leaving school when you weren't sick. Ferris had yet hit the theatres. Back then, school wasn't that hard. Bell rang. We played with our friends. Did some work. Learned stuff. Lunch. Gym. Some math. Went home. Repeat till Mid-June. But I wanted to chill with my grandparents. They were cool. Cooler than my elementary school pals.  My Grandfather would teach me boxing moves while my Grandmother would make me something delicious to eat before we walk over to the store so she can buy me Mcdonalds apple pie.

As the years went by, they continued with their cool factor, even if they were getting on with age. The apple pie turned into nice hefty dinners. The boxing moves turned into religion talks. Gramps and I would sit in the back room where he would chill all day in his rocking chair and watch TV.  He would let us watch anything we wanted. Sometimes, he would sneak in the stuff the kids liked. Especially the shows that involved blond girls in red bathing suits running on the beach. We would chuckle like little boys while  he would keep lookout for when Grandma was coming down the hallway. We would change the channel to something educational. When Grandma left, we changed it back, taking another glimpse of the  "nice beach show on channel 29".

Grandpa passed in the 90s. We lost Grandma almost a decade ago. On the same day that would've been my Grandfather's 90th.

January 15th. A day to celebrate and remember. Boxing matches, Baywatch, Walks for apple pie.

Skipping school would have never been so fun without those two.