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Monday, January 16, 2012

ironic side of headaches.

I might have to stop drinking coffee. It's been giving me the worst headaches for a while now. They suck. I feel handicapped. Paralyzed from the neck up. I started this new experiment today with a veggie slash fruit smoothie. Carrots, Greens, Spinach  with an Orange juice base. Green and gooey looking, but good. Surprisingly. But will this give me the energy boost I need every single morning if I quit my Joe? I might also suffer from withdraw. Shaking, panicking. Mood swings like a drugged up heroin missing his few days of needle scars. I can't watch Intervention. It bothers me. The few times I did watch, I had nightmares. I guess sometimes, some shows just hit way too close to home. Sad, but true. It hurts to think. Hopefully this smoothie idea will do the trick. Maybe replace the coffee with hot chocolate? Should I join Rob Ford on his mission, too? Nah. I stick with the smoothie idea. Don't need to loose weight. I need this headache to go away. Hurts to type. Think. I might need a coffee after all this to stay awake. The weird ironic thing that we call life, I guess.