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Thursday, January 26, 2012

friday is a moment away

I had to move the machine upstairs. Working from my bed. Caught something this morning. Got worse during the day. I'm typing from my bed. Tissues surrounding me. Gave up on trying to be clean. Just want to survive. Headache has been aching for a couple of hours, now. Haven't bothered trying to find something on TV. It's been on CITY since I got up here around 2. It's been a rough day, but rewarding day. Got things done. Dispite the cold. The sniffles and head rushes and the slight dizziness. Trying to sleep. Popped a nighttime cold pill just after 1. Napped for an hour. Nothing had changed. Waiting for a few more hours till i can pop another one. I just need to man it out. Friday is a moment away.