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Monday, January 30, 2012

four days deep

Four days deep. This furious flu is still here. My aching head. My sore throat. My watery eyes. My runny nose. Had enough. Have been perched inside my room for the past four days. Computer by side. Beside my tissues, tea, and other daily necessities. Over it. I haven't had this feeling of being this exhausted in years. Every few feet I'm out of breath. Or need to stop to sneeze or cough. Or regain my balance. This flu is killing me. Spirits remain high. Thinking of the extra sleep I'm getting. Thankful for the sleep I do get. I tend to oversleep during the day,  so, I'm sleepless at night. Lay there in bed. Looking at the ceiling. Wondering when I will be able to close my eyes for a few. Morning arrives and I finally get tired.  I finally get my sleep. Wash. Rinse and Repeat. This has been my schedule since Friday. Festive flu ridden days wondering when it'll go away. My aching head hasn't stopped. My nose still runs. My throat get more sore by the cough. My eyes water every minute I'm exposed to light. Four days deep. Going on to five. Wish me luck.