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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

false political battles and old bearded lady.

I used to watch award shows all the time. I used to look forward to them. It was the Actor slash Talk-Show Host slash Superstar in me that made me think I would someday be on that red carpet that Cosby, J Fox, and Alyssa Milano were walking. I think there's a bit of that in me still. There's a bit of that in everyone. Everyone wants to be a star. Like The Stone Roses, everyone wants to be adored.  I turned on The People's Choice tonight, and didn't really get it. Get the whole thing about the show. Why people look forward to them. Why the screams. The cheers. The acceptance of false political battle. The smiles. The intoxicated speeches. Enter Adam Sandler. I'm a huge fan. Well. was a huge fan. The Wedding Singer remains a favourite of mine. Mainly because of his lovely co-star. I heard Sandler spitting out one of those intoxicated speeches. He wasn't funny. Anymore. Not like he was back in the 90s. He did the same old bit. Calling out the bearded lady and old man with one eye, and fat kid with unibrow.

Picked up the converter. Click. Click. Click. Law and Order. I put down the remote. I'll watch this.

Over time, I realized that it's not so cool to be a celebrity. I realized in recent years with the birth of social media and especially Twitter, how lame people we admire really are. I just hope that these aren't their PR people tweeting for them. In that case, they're making their client look like a douche. I guess the days of me listening to pop culture and everyone around ir about the obsessed need to be known and famous and rich and admired is over. It was over a decade ago.  I'd rather be just liked and respected. That's it. That's all. I'm a simple guy. Burger and fries type of guy. I'll build you the house. Shack even. As long as we're happy. We'll get by with what we have. We don't need the best in bells and whistles. It's realer that way. No false political battles with the old bearded lady on Fathers day when my child tells me how much she love me.