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Saturday, January 14, 2012

cold noises...

When my knee hurts it's gonna get colder. I like to think of it as a connection with the Mother. We're tight. Last night was my first of my detox weekend. All I ate all day was grapefruit and water. It was good. I so be a furitatarian. If there was such a thing. Today, I kind went off the plan. Had two eggs. And Mom's walnut muffin. And hot chocolate. I think the hot drink was called for today. Who knew we would get such a cold few days into April. Feels like April. Well, most of this winter has.

I have been staring at this half done painting I started back in the summer. It's just sitting there. Green, drips of red and silver. I have no connection to it. Nothing. When I look at it, it doesn't tell me a story like my other paintings do. I have no love for it. It's the dark horse of the family. I have to work on it. Just experiment with it and see where it goes. Maybe it'll come out better. Maybe worse. I don't know. I just have to change it. 

I was in my basement last night. I heard the alarm go off. I thought my Mom had come. I yelled her name. No answer. I quietly walked up the stairs with phone in toe ready to dial those three numbers. I slowly opened the door and peaked out. No one there. My garage door was open. The wind blew it open. The garage door itself was closed. Wind travels under the garage and hits the door open. Happens every winter. Freaks me out every year. We have to fix that lock. Last year, the alarm went off when we weren't home. Got the call. They said that the police went by and there wasn't any visible trouble. Nothing seemed wrong. Good thing, I was just down the street. Came home. Nothing. Only the garage door ajar. We have to fix that lock.