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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


A bit of different environment, motivation slowly returning and keeping up with the healthy meals, juices and teas,  all added up to me feeling better today. The nose itches and the headache is still there, but I have much more energy than the last few days. I ended up running some errands and picking up my new specs. The smell of spring in the air helped a lot, too. I guess it gave my body something to look forward to. It told me that this mild winter won't last long and my favorite season is just around the corner. Isn't Groundhog day this week? I'm not complaining. This is my idea of a great winter. But sometimes, the body gets shocked by the sudden drops and highs of temps that the system can't help it and just ends up shutting down. Giving up the fight and letting the germ folk take over the body. Let them run control and let us suffer in its short rule. Now my day is done, and I'm starting to relax for the rest of the night, the body is again starting to shut down. Begin to feel the flu again. The nose is getting heavier and I'm shivering. Cough. Sneeze. Right on cue. Amazing. Anyway, Going to take one more day to make sure it's OK. That I'll be in tip top shape for the weekend. And beyond.  Be well.