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Thursday, December 29, 2011

old man project..

I have a huge box of change. Mixed American and Canadian coins I would just add to whenever I feel the overwhelming sensation of jiggling in my pocket. I would let it fill up, then add to my huge Pepsi marked piggy bank that sits by my desk. I would go in there for bus change, coffee, pads to the wallet. Yesterday, I decided I will finally find out how much can fit in the box before dumping it into the Pepsi bank. Blame male curiosity slash needing something cool to do.  My mission started. First, remove all the pennies. Next. Separate the Americans from the Canadians. Finally. Count.

So far I have come up with $10 Canadian. Tomorrow I will finish the Canadians off. Then tackle the Americans. I think they're more of them, Unfortunately.

While I was doing the count today, I realized that this is an old man project. Those projects that last a week that could actually be done in a couple of hours. But the old guy just gets tired.  He needs to take a rest. The rest leads to having a cup of tea. The tea leads to a nap. The nap leads to sleep. Sleep leads to packing it in early. Packing it in early...You get the picture. Well. That's exactly what I did yesterday. Packed it in early. I travelled for just over 4 hours on Wednesday. I did what I could. Today is the next step.

Lesson of the day; Always find something new to dabble in. Even if it's a small side thing.  A little project to keep you on your toes. It'll make those winter nights go by faster and keep you busy. Heck. Maybe you'll even learn something. Did ya know that American pennies from the 80s tend to have a totally different texture than the ones that were made in the 90s? I'm sure I'll learn something else today.